Some Pretty Famous Tea!

Xinyang Tea or Xinyang Maojian Tea is a green tea produced in Xinyang, China and it the past decade has been declared as one of China’s most famous teas landing it within the top ten in the nation. It’s a common drink to enjoy after a busy day. Its name originated from the location of the production of the tea, Xinyang City in Henan Province, China and the shape of the tea, Maojian which essentially means “full, young leaves in a cup when brewed”.

The Xinyang Maojian tea has a deep rooted history in China and can be dated back to about 2300 years ago. Dating back to ancient Chinese history, tea production was initially developed during the Zhou dynasty (ca. 1066–221 BCE). The tea technique was originally invented in southern China, which then spread over the entire country with political and economic growth, as well as improvements in cultural interaction, transportation, and communication. Drinking tea gradually became more widely accessible, although also a symbol of class division in China. Xinyang provides a mild climate, high altitude and desired moisture levels perfect for Xinyang tea trees that give the tea its unique taste.Tea

The Maojian tea leaves are also unique in appearance. They are dark-green in color, thin and delicate with points on both ends. Maojian teas are smaller than other green tea leaves, growing no bigger than 1 inch in length. Maojian tea leaves are harvested in the spring and fall, with the best quality leaves produced and picked in mid-April.

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