Exhibition Design

Meng also spent ten days of her internship with the Exhibition Design Department.  She continued to participate in the daily check work, however, focused her attention on the exhibition design such as the position of every object and label conditions. In addition to this daily task, Meng and her colleagues were assigned with creating a special activity for the annual event, “One day in the Xinyang City Museum”. This event was a traditional activity that brought middle and high school students to the museums for one day and provided free food, games and tours. The activity provided an opportunity for students to explore Xinyang city’s history, and feel the cultural charm and historic appeal. Meng was asked to create a special activity for each age group in attendance. A selected museum staff would be the teacher and prepared interpretations and special seminars. These were constructed depending on the group to help students understand the museum’s exhibitions. Another new segment that was developed by Meng and her peers is a writing competition. Students would be asked to write their thoughts about the activity and museum exhibitions during the special seminar. This is a brilliant idea because on one hand, students practice their writing skills; on the other hand, museum staff can get the direct reflections from the students as helpful feedback.

As many museum staff members must do, Meng had to multitask between the daily check work, creating a new activity and helping with a new exhibit to be installed soon. She was specifically asked to come up with a title for the exhibition, which was about jade ware. This task was more difficult than the team had anticipated, however, Meng’s undergraduate major proved to be advantageous. She provided several examples to her supervisor and finally one was chosen.

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