Xinyang City Museum

1_110603171456_1Founded in 2010, Xinyang City Museum is a very young museum. The museum’s architecture design philosophy is “treasure chest and antique shelf.” There are seven exhibition halls spread over three floors: Entrance Hall, Ancient Home, Vassal States, The State of Chu, Root of Hakka people, Xinyang Maojian Tea, and Folk Art. These exhibits take up over 101,000 square feet and the entire buildings is well over 700,000 square feet used for exhibits, offices and visitor. The mission of the museum is to become a “City Parlor” which integrates multiple social services, such as, education, relaxation, and amusement. The museum has expanded the cultural space of Xinyang City. The design of the building is an open layout that encompasses both the contemporary Chinese development and the charm of the Xinyang civilization. Taken from the Baidu Encyclopedia,

“Spiritual civilization museums in the cities are playing an increasingly important role through our efforts to promote the history and culture of Xinyang best cultural card. They are giving many people a new cultural experience which allows them to become inseparable from the spiritual home of the masses. Through the dialogue between history and heritage and the barrier of time and space, people are able to see the historical ups and downs of this nation.”

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There were over 10,000 pieces of cultural relics in the museum’s storage and approximately 1,000 pieces currently being used in the museum exhibitions. The collection is comprised of, but not limited to, prehistoric cultural relics, bronze wares of Shang and Zhou Dynasties, jade wares, and unique tea culture in Xinyang Prefecture. Xinyang City Museum is located in the northwest corner of the garden Yangshan New District, a newly developed area in the city. The museum, along with the garden, covers 51 acres, with a building size of 28,996 square meters, and an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters.  The museum services approximately 40 million people a year. 

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